Esha Consult Ltd optimizes the use of technology and brings capabilities to your business that are reflected in your bottom line. Esha Consult  provides a complete business systems service from initial consultancy and analyze through to integration, development and training. We back these with our rich business "know-how", hot-line support and maintenance services. Esha Consult provides expert consulting services in several different aspects- financial management, production, trade policy, operative management, and IT.


Esha Consult Ltd is a software consulting company. Our company provides solutions for automation of the whole business cycle, integration of ERP systems, development of comprehensive e-Business solutions,deployment of security and data storage solutions. We have both the functional and technical expertise to implement a full ERP package as well as specific modules. We can also deliver all the necessary services to maintain your systems once they have been implemented.




    ...And what e-business is?
"Automating our business processes to make them available to customers over the Internet. Successful e-business applications are ones that have accurately emulated real-world processes and Leveraged new technologies and new channels. These applications allow both, a company to operate more efficiently and a customer to receive better service. If the system fails to accurately emulate the real world (i.e., deliver the same end product as the real-world), then quickly the system will be unsuccessful (i.e., nobody will use it)."